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The legal system here in America is known for it’s fair processes and commitment towards fair trials for all people, but the legal system and all of the codes are still so utterly confusing that most lawyers don’t even understand it all in detail. That’s why you always need competent legal representation anytime you’re involved at all with the legal system. We are NOT saying that you should not trust the police in your area, but you have the right no refuse to answer any questions until your lawyer is present with you. Whether forced or not, there is quite a history of false confessions in America, whether that be from outside pressure or lack of understanding is unknown so having your lawyer present is never bad and it does NOT mean that you are guilty. The court case Gideon VS Wainwright held that the Sixth Amendment’s right to council provision actually required that the government provide legal counsel to all of those that can’t afford professional defense for themselves. You of course CAN elect to represent yourself, but that’s not recommended in any situation.

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Traffic laws are there to protect us from ourselves and each other, they aren’t just there to be problematic or cause you trouble when you drive. Everyone does their best to drive safe, but sometimes you make mistakes and end up getting pulled over. First and foremost the easiest thing you can do to avoid getting pulled over is making sure all light and indicators on your car are working, your registration is up to date, and you’re following all the rules of the road. At Mast Law Firm, our traffic ticket law firm and attorneys can help protect you and in many instances, minimize any points that may be added to your Driving Record and Insurance Record. In North Carolina, your Driver’s License record typically allows you to accumulate up to twelve (12) points in a three (3) year period before a revocation, but a different set of points are associated with Insurance regulations which is associated with certain percentages in increases in your insurance. Your insurance company can inform you how much your insurance rates may increase.

Of all the categories of law, family law tends to be a bit more unpleasant than the others, as it encompasses things like divorces, child custody, and the splitting of estate belongings. Unfortunately, about half of all the marriages in America end in divorce these days, so family law is a busy practice. Child custody cases tend to be very adversarial and intense, that’s not something you want to be going through alone. The stress of it alone could cause an outburst in court that could convince the jury you don’t deserve to have your own kids. After a certain point, this can all become all but impossible for you to navigate yourself. A professional family lawyer will be able to do everything they can to keep you from getting the short end of any stick, things you yourself wouldn’t even be aware of. Family law does also deal with more positive things like adoption, which can be a long and complex process.

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Having experienced legal representation on your side in any legal situations is a must. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law, a lawyer can be there to make sure you don’t mis-speak or accidentally incriminate yourself. The bond between a lawyer and client is also sacred. Client attorney privilege is alive and well, you can literally tell your lawyer anything and that knowledge can never be decimated further by them without your express consent. So next time you find yourself in a lawsuit or courtroom, make sure you’ve got a lawyer you can trust by your side.

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